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Jane Erskin + Dr. Steven Grillot

 Jane and Dr. Stephen Grillot together have over 20+ years in experience. Jane has completed numerous Medical Aesthetic courses and advanced seminars in her quest for continuing education.Jane has advanced training in Dermal Fillers, advanced enhancements with Radiesse, Juvederm Belotero, and advanced training for Botox and Xeomin injections.After many years of experience and training in the Varicose Vein and Sclerotherapy business, Jane has extensive experience with injection of spider veins (Sclerotherapy) along with Laser Treatments for Spider Veins. She also has experience with Laser Hair Removal, or Facial Rejuvenation for Hyperpigmentation and Rosacea, to name a few.Jane's professional experience also included extensive education and training in permanent makeup. Jane offers a myriad of cosmetic procedures for permanent eyeliner, brows, lips, and areola.  She has also trained in the newer technique of Microblading for semi-permanent eyebrows.  Jane is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), and the American Society of Aesthetic Medical Professionals (ASAMP).Dr. Stephen Grillot began his medical career in 1996 in Colby, KS. at the Family Center for Healthcare, practicing family medicine.  In 2001 Dr. Grillot moved on to the Wichita Clinic, Immediate Care as a staff physician. In 2003 Dr. Grillot opened his own family medicine practice in Kingman, KS. He remained there until 2012 when he became a staff physician in the Emergency Department at St. Catherine Hospital in Garden City, KS.   From 2015 to the present Dr. Grillot has been a staff physician in the Emergency Department of Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, El Dorado, KS. Dr. Grillot also works with Beautiful Skin by Jane, and is the medical director.   

 Dr. Grillot's  previous professional expertise was in Operative Obstetrics, Operative Gynecology, Colonoscopy, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, Wound Debridement and Repair, Skin Lesion Removal and Biopsy, and Complex Laceration Repair and Venous Ablation. Dr. Stephen Grillot is always looking for ways to challenge himself and expand his knowledge in the medical field. Together Jane and Dr. Stephen Grillot focus on helping others to gain confidence in their appearance with their work ofBeautiful Skin and Transformations.